KAM Tools Stubbi Stub Roller

KAM Tools Stubbi Stub Roller

The KAM STUBBI Roller has 3mm long stubs, with a roller which rotates as an integral unit on a stainless-steel axle using bearings.

Stub rollers are used to spread and gauge a variety of flooring overlay materials including resin bound, cement based and
aggregate filled materials to a specific thickness of 3mm (1/8”).

This tool can also be used to force and compress small selected aggregates into overlay surfaces using a wide range of
selected graded materials to create architectural finishes.

The STUBBI stub roller is well suited for use with Sealoflex CT products and Enviroflex systems.

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How To Use

To assemble the STUBBI stub roller, fit and secure the black stick adaptor tube assembly onto the splash frame by using the fittings included in the adaptor kit. Thread the bolt through the splashguard up through the adaptor plate. Then use the lock washer and secure with the wing nuts on the top face of the black adaptor plate.

A threaded socket is available as an accessory to accommodate a threaded spigot found on some stick extensions.

The STUBBI stub roller is used whilst the user is in a standing position, after fitting an extension handle to the adaptor on the frame. Use the roller in a one-handed push/pull action. Perform this as a spreading and levelling process when applying the appropriate overlay materials and complete the action prior to any signs of the new material setting.

Wear strap-on Spiked Shoes to access the work area during the application process.

In applying floor overlays where aggregate is used as an architectural feature the Stubbi may be used to compress the aggregate selected into the coating. The Stubbi may be weighted when using cement-based moisture tolerant material, or where necessary. This is achieved by removing the roller and bearings from the frame and pouring water into the end cap cavity. Excess water will drain through the bearings when placed in a horizontal position and water loss during application is minimal. (Use this method for moisture tolerant materials only!)


  1. When using resinous based materials immerse the STUBBI in a solution of a water-soluble cleaning solvent and briskly work the solvent over the tool using a clean paintbrush.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to free the roller of all solvents. Shake the unit free of water.
  3. When using moisture intolerant materials allow to dry thoroughly before re-use to ensure the surface being coated does not become contaminated with solvent or retained water droplets. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.


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KAM TOOLS - Stubbi Rollers v1-2021

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