Kam Tools 31mm Spiked Roller

Kam Tools 31mm Spiked Roller

Our Bubblebuster® Spiked Rollers have become the brand that most contractors prefer for spiking coatings, and are available in a multitude of widths and are sold as complete assemblies with frames in standard form. Replacement roller refills are available in all widths.

  • Used for deaerating epoxies and polyurethanes.
  • The 31mm spiked roller is excellent for coatings thicker than 4mm thick.
  • The bubble prevents the spike roller from penetrating too deep. This stops the roller from picking up the product and causing splatter.
  • Best used for both high build aswell as self-levelling screed.
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KAM TOOLS - Bubblebuster v0.2-2020

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